Friday, 11 March 2011

A Place to Live, Study, Visit and Do Business In

Over the past 3 decades Paisley, Scotland, has suffered from a steady decline in fortunes. It has gotten to the point that there are a number of empty shops in the town centre. There is absolutly nothing wrong with these shops, it is just that people are more interested in going into Glagow's City Centre, or into shopping malls, especially Braehead in Renfrew and Silverburn in Pollok. There has been talk over the years of Paisley's town centre being regenerated, but nothing seems to happen. Recently, there has been talk of the regeneration of the town's Museum and Art Gallery.

I remember going into Paisley when I was a kid. The streets and shops were heaving, and many of the shops were still open and doing brisk business. I know that people will argue that money can't be put into the regeneration of Paisley, because of the recession. But this has been going on from long before the recession began, and even during the good times, Paisley was still allowed to go down hill.

Paisley is a town with great potential. It just hasn't been given the oppertunity to actually pick itself back up and dust itself off after all of the difficulties that have been dealt with over the years. As well as a museum and art gallery, Paisley is also the home of the University of the West of Scotland, as well as the Paisley Abbey. There are also a wide variety of independent shops in Paisley, including Chocolatz, Apollo Music, The Music Centre and Abbey Books. There are also loads of cafes, restraunts and bars/pubs in the town.

I have spent much of the last decade bitching about Paisley's decline and wondering why no-one seemed to be doing anything about it. Then I decided that maybe I should get off my high horse and try to do something about the situation. The aim of this blog is to highlight all of the brilliant things that can be found in Paisley, as well as promoting events and business that are based in the town. This will be carried out alongside the Facebook page Paisley - A Bright Future, which can be found at

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